creative ecology workshops and longer term projects deliver age appropriate opportunities to learn, through direct creative experience of sustainable materials, the local outdoor environment and the arts. James has extensive experience of working as an artist within schools, setting up inclusive arts projects that enable all children/young people to participate.

By devising activities in partnership with your school, projects can link to existing themes and subject areas whilst presenting opportunities to learn new skills and explore your own natural/cultural heritage. Through access to a range of media, with reference to the real places in which we live, creative ecology can support learning from across the curriculum.

In addition James can work with you to develop your grounds, plant living willow structures (between December and March), or set up creative gardening projects.

creative ecology projects enable young people's voices to be heard by giving them the opportunity to share concerns about their communities, their planet and their future, and to act on them in creative ways. Hands-on arts activities present a enjoyable way to get involved in, and begin to take responsibility for, the issues that affect our ecosystems and communities.

In addition to formal education, James has worked with young people in a variety of community contexts, including young carers, young people with mental health issues, and young people receiving support for issues relating to substance abuse and/or homelessness.

“As a class teacher I often have an ‘end product’ in mind - this was a much more open process where every suggestion and offering was valued and celebrated.”                                          

Deputy Head Teacher