creative ecology is a programme of creative place-based learning, devised and facilitated by Wiltshire based artist and creative learning consultant James Aldridge. James is a visual artist with a wealth of experience in heritage education, of running arts projects with schools and community groups, of delivering professional development for teachers and artists, and acting as a consultant through project development, evaluation, presenting and writing for publication.

"The more I reflect, the more I see how much I have learned working with you... it’s certainly broadened my ideas of how to use creative workshops to engage people with the museum."

  Museum Education Officer

creative ecology is about learning through creative interaction with your local environment - your cultural and natural heritage. It focuses on using a dialogical, democratic approach to learning, encouraging participants to develop confidence in their own creativity and apply that to their learning, through direct interaction with, and reflection on their experiences within, their local natural and cultural environment.

James encourages us to use our bodies and imaginations, as well as our intellect, to enable a more complete and more powerful way of knowing and being with the world, leading to increased self esteem, awareness of our place within ecological and social systems, and a range of learning outcomes from across curricula.

Download a recent copy of James's c.v or contact James by email to discuss how creative ecology can work with you